The Antler River Watershed Region network supports the United Network for Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel (UNJPPI). The goal of UNJPPI is a just peace in Palestine and Israel with an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and equal rights for all who live in Palestine/Israel, through education and advocacy.

Visit the UNJPPI website for news about recent events in Jerusalem and Gaza.

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International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Canada, Stand up for Palestinian Children’s Rights

You are invited to be part of the UNJPPI campaign to support Palestinian children living under the Israeli military occupation.  

Sign up through this link to receive information about the campaign and how to participate. 

Last fall Parliamentary Petition e-2667 was presented to Parliament. It called on the Government of Canada “to ensure the human rights of Palestinian children are protected by instructing a Special Envoy to promote, monitor and report on the human rights situation of Palestinian children living in the occupied Palestinian Territory and Gaza”.

Worship Service for Justice in Palestine

Lighting of the Christ Candle

It is a privilege to share with you links to a worship resource for Palestine, developed by Ineke Medcalf and Rev. Jeanette Liberty-Duns, working with partners in Palestine, and with Rev. Lilian Patey, Rev. Keith Simmonds and other committed justice-seekers here on Turtle Island. 
On YouTube:
On Vimeo: ​

Another Taste of Palestine

To download a PDF poster of this event, go to—2.html

Sami Huraini lives in At Tuwani, a village of about 400 people in the South Hebron Hills.  He goes on trial May 31st. He had been taken from his home at night and held for 6 days. Israelis and Palestinians protested outside the prison demanding his release. He will still have to face a military court. 

For more information, go to—2.html

For more information about Sami’s arrest and trial,
visit and sign the petition to free Sami and view the video.

Learn more about Youth of Sumud on their Facebook page.

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